Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cycle #23 - Days Fifty One to Sixty

The last ten says were not ten of my better Bible reading days.

In short I struggled a bit.  That happens from time to time with me, I'm not sure about you.

There were other things that I placed too much emphasis on and not enough on the Bible.

I've looked at how I can address that, and actually have extended it to how I actually plan my whole day, and how I should be centering it around, or at least grounding it in the Bible.

I recently heard a preacher say he does not know how we can go through the day without reading the Bible in the morning.  Without turning the mirror of the Bible onto our lives and have it changed, have our lives reflect what the Bible is saying.

Anyway it was not all disaster!

What I read was:-
Job 1-21.

A total of 49 chapters which brings me to 598 out of 1189 chapters, if all my adding up has been correct!!
This means I have now officially past the half way mark.  Yay!! 

Well time to get back into reading and finishing Job to start.

In the unlikely event you are reading this, how about sharing how your Bible reading is going as well?

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