Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cycle #23 - Days Sixty One to Seventy

For quite some time my favourite book of the Bible has been the epistle of Colossians, because it showed me the supremacy of Christ.  It is a thouroughly Christological book and is essential reading and understanding for anyone who like myself left the Pentecostal church and in my opinion a need to grasp onto things and hold onto more than Christ.  The desperate need for the tangible, needing signs, miracles, people falling over and the like.

However, I have not got to Colossians yet, but I have got to another of my favourite parts of the Bible, the Psalms.  It is a brutally honest depiction of the way a persons worships God, through doubt, anger, grief, fear and through passion.

So what exactly did I read in the past ten days?

Job 22-42.
Psalms 1 - 110.

A total of 143 chapters which is a total of 741 out of 1189 chapters if my artithmetic is correct, and there is no guarentee of that, the end result is that I am getting there, and hopefully in the next ten days I will get to Colossians again!

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