Friday, January 7, 2011

The Bible Marathon Challenge: Week One!

So I decided that I would start the year with a flood - a flood of Bible reading.  I have an ambition to read the Bible from Genesis chapter one to Revelation chapter twenty-two, and everything in between in the month of January.

It sounds like a big task and it is - but hey it is a good task!  I have had experience in reading the Bible this is my twenty second circuit through the Bible.  I also have done the Bible in a month twice before.  One time I made it in thirty three days and the other twenty nine, so I do have precedence.

Why did I decide to do it?  I wanted to 'flood' myself with the Bible from the beginning of the year to saturate myself in it and try to meditate on it.  After this month I think I will sow down a bit!

So one week in how have things gone.

I am reading straight through from beginning to end, so so far i have read.

I Samuel
2 Samuel

A total of 291 chapters out of the Bible's total which you may know is 1189.

So this was a very good start and it has been amazing doing it.  I would not say I have had any major wow moments and I have obviously not gone into any detail, that is for study of the Bible.  I approach the Bible in two ways reading and studying.  Reading gives me an overview and makes me think some, but studying makes me look into details at a small section.  I believe I need both.

Anyway one week into my challenge and all looks well!

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