Friday, January 21, 2011

The Bible Marathon Challenge: Week Three!

No that's not me but they look very serious about reading don't they.

So as I said last week, this week I was going to face the prophecy section of the Bible, arguably the most confusing area.  This is also an area where many people have got to in their Bible reading journeys and given up.  They can make it past Leviticus, navigate through the long chronologies of I Chronicles, even get through the strange long dialogues of Job, but then the prophets do them in.

There are two main sections in the prophecy section, the major and the minor prophets.  The designation is not about how important (or not important) they were but how long the book was they wrote.

Anyway what happened this last week.  So I started a third of the way through Psalms, and this is where I went.

Psalms 51 - 150.
Song of Songs. (Or Song of Solomon for the traditionalists)
Lamentations. (In case you wondered although this book is only 5 chapters long it is in the major prophets section because it is really an addendum to Jeremiah, the same author, and basically it is tied in with the other book)

So I have effectively made my way through the major prophets.  There is Daniel, who is called a major prophet, although in length his book is quite small.

Statistics time now!

At the beginning of the week I had 528 chapters read out of 1189, and believed to be on track for a 31 day achievement.

This week I read 322 chapters making a total of 850 out of 1189 chapters.  Which was a really top effort this week.  How much is going to stick in my head is another matter, but apart from spending months studying them in detail they are quite difficult.

That means at the moment I am reading at 40.76 chapters per day and now have 339 chapters to go in the last eleven days.  79 in the Old Testament and the 260 in the New Testament.  All going well I should be in the New Testament in the next couple of days.

I am now more confident of reaching the goal, but there is still consistent work to be done.

Anyway I'm off to continue my challenge, I thought I would leave you with this plan.  I found someone else who read the Bible in a month and had a much more organised plan than I did of reading it straight through from cover to cover.  Anyway I put the plan here for your personal edification.

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